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The European Writer Series. ISSN: 1560-4217. 2015, 72 pp.
Published by the European Writers Council
Rue dArlon 75-77, 1040 Brussels - Belgium
Editor: Myriam Diocaretz

Proceedings of the EWC Authors' Rights conference held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 3.11.2014.
“The Value of Writers’ Works” was an evidence-based forum addressing the challenges that concern European authors in the text and book sector in all genres, including screen-writers and literary translators. The threefold thematic platform gave the opportunity to professional writers to discuss their perspectives; it also aimed at calling the attention of the Members of the European Parliament to follow-up from the study on copyright contract law and contractual practices requested by the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee (JURI); it was important also to receive an update on recent and forthcoming studies by the European Commission. The interconnection between the digital and its effects on the authors’ remuneration and compensation was at the crossroads of several topics.” Myriam Diocaretz, from the editor’s introduction.




Proceedings of the European Writers' Council's 2012 Authors' Rights Conference.  
Edited by Myriam Diocaretz, Brussels, EWC, 2012, 90 pp, ISSN 1560-4217
The European Writer Series ISSN: 1560-4217
The EWC's 2012 Authors' Rights Conference, entitled Striking the Right Balance between Access, Fair Remuneration and Authors' Rights, was held at the European Parliament in Brussels, in June 2012.
The event was a follow-up of the 2010 conference on Authors' Rights in the Digital World held at the European Parliament in Brussels in April 2010.
Authors' rights are at the heart of current European Union policy debates, due to the growing variety of emerging business and access models and forthcoming initiatives in the digital environments.
Therefore it is crucial for EWC to engage writers and literary translators in a direct dialogue with politicians who are very active in the European Parliament's legislative processes, addressing authors' rights in the contexts of legal and societal challenges and opportunities, of intellectual property rights, and in search of the delicate balance between authors, consumers and users of technology, or between the authors and readers/viewers.


The large scale digitisation of works that are copyright protected requires a multi-stakeholder approach and an understanding of the sustainable working conditions needed by writers, as in any other profession.
The social, cultural and legal aspects of access to culture need a very concrete focus in relation to copyright as an enabler for the creation and production of millions of works published in Europe in the present and the future.


Therefore, the general subject of Striking the Right Balance between Access, Fair Remuneration and Authors' Rights was divided into four sessions:
1) to present what authors have done in collaboration with other stakeholders in support of EU initiatives for a better access to writers' works, using the advantages of the digital innovations for the benefit of readers;
2) to formulate some of the key challenges faced by authors, and to put forward some suggestions on what can be done to ensure a better remuneration to sustain their creative work;
3) to put in the foreground the role of the collective management of rights from the authors' perspective as an indispensable contribution to provide support to professional writers, and what is needed to go forward in the digital age; finally,
4) to carry out a discussion on the proposal around the copyright reform by the Pirate Party in Germany.
Several topics surfaced as major concerns and recurred in different contexts of the presentations, including but not limited to the following: the urgent need to address the production, distribution and uses of digital works, and in particular of eBooks at European level; the call for harmonisation of a set of basic guiding principles to correct the imbalance caused by the current unfair contractual conditions which set authors in a weaker negotiating position in the publishing agreements; the right of writers to form unions, and the question of free access which must not be confused with access free of charge.

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Literacy and the Culture of Reading

Proceedings of the 2011 FORUM MARE NOSTRUM VI – Turku, Finland
The European Writer Series ISSN: 1560-4217

Editor: Myriam Diocaretz,
with the assistance of Ciara Healy, 2012 EWC Trainee, University of Limerick, Ireland.


The 2011 Forum Mare Nostrum was organised by the European Writers’ Council with the sponsorship and coordination of the Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers, the collaboration of the Society of Swedish Authors in Finland, and the Union of Finnish Writers, and the support of the City of Turku, the European Capital of Culture 2011.
The Mare Nostrum series was created by the European Writers’ Council as a European forum for the dialogue between cultures in the Mediterranean area and the rest of Europe. The Forum Mare Nostrum VI was held in Turku, the European Capital of Culture 2011, to expand the dialogue to the Nordic Sea region. The previous events were held in Delphi (1999), Barcelona (2001), Cyprus (2004), Trieste (2007), and Marseille (2009). The Forum Mare Nostrum VII will be held in Malta in 2013.


I.    “Literacy and the Culture of Reading”

Introduction: Pirjo Hiidenmaa

Message from Ms. Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth   

The Dangers of Reading: Riku Korhonen

Do you Like Reading Books? Gerlinde Schermer-Rauwolf16

The Illusions of Subtitling: Thoughts on the Cultural Potential of Subtitles: Tiina Tuominen

Reading Literacy and Reading Engagement: PISA 2009 in Finland: Sari Sulkunen   


II.    «Censures visibles et invisibles»
Introduction à la table ronde sur la liberté d’expression : Sylvestre Clancier
La censure du réel : Jean Claude Bologne
Liberté d'expression: censure visible et invisible : Edvard Kova?
La liberté de conscience et le dépassement de l’ auto-censure est la condition première de la liberté d’expression La liberté d’expression quant à elle est toujours menacée : Sylvestre Clancier
Governments Must Respect the Freedom of Speech: Heidi Hautala
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EWC book on “Authors’ Rights in the Digital World”

The Proceedings of the 5th European Conference organised by the European Writers’ Council, and held in April 2010 at the European Parliament (Brussels) under the patronage of MEP Helga Trüpel, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, are available in digital form.

We gratefully acknowledge the patronage of MEP Helga Trüpel, and the support granted by the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, as well as by the European Commission DG EAC.


Main themes:

• New notions of intellectual property, copyright, and authors’ rights

• Access to the digital book - challenges and opportunities for authors

• Activities and perspectives at the policy level

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FORUM MARE NOSTRUM V (English version)


This forum took place in Marseilles on the 19th and 20th of June 2009.

The Forum MARE NOSTRUM V is a conference organised by the Société des Gens de Lettres (SGDL, France) in cooperation with the European Writers’ Council (EWC-FAEE), with the support of the European Commission Education and Culture DG, the CNL and SOFIA (France).


The Mare Nostrum series was created by the EWC as a European forum for the dialogue between cultures in the mediterranean area and the rest of Europe.


The previous events were held in Delphi (1999), Barcelona (2001), Cyprus (2004), and Trieste (2007).


Historically, Marseilles has been more than a symbol of the crossroads of cultures, and its region is an important foundation of European culture. The themes chosen for Forum Mare Nostrum V seek to explore the crossroads between literature and the Mediterranean, expanding towards Africa and the Middle-East.


SGDL is a French writers’ association created in 1838 by Balzac, Hugo, Dumas and defends authors’rights. www.sgdl.org


EWC is the Federation of 60 authors’associations in 34 countries of Europe, representing over 100 000 individual writers and literary translators. www.europeanwriters.eu


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FORUM MARE NOSTRUM V (Edition française)


Forum organisé à Marseille les 19 et 20 juin 2009 par la Société des Gens de Lettres (SGDL) en collaboration avec la Fédération des Associations Européennes d’Ecrivains (FAEE /EWC) et le soutien de la Commission Européenne Education et Culture, du CnL (Centre national du Livre) et de la SOFIA (Société Française des Intérêts des auteurs de l’écrit).


Créé par la FAEE /EWC, Mare Nostrum est un forum européen conçu pour favoriser le dialogue entre les cultures du bassin méditerranéen et le reste de l’Europe. Les précédentes sessions ont eu lieu à Delphes (1999), Barcelone (2001), Chypre (2004), Trieste (2007).


Marseille est historiquement un symbole du croisement des cultures, la ville et sa région ayant été le socle fondateur de l’Europe culturelle. Mare Nostrum V explore les thèmes croisés de la littérature et de la Méditerranée, étendus aux rivages africains jusqu’au Moyen- Orient.


La FAEE /EWC est la fédération d’associations professionnelles d’auteurs, créée pour favoriser les coopérations culturelles et littéraires transeuropéennes. Elle comprend 60 organisations composées d’auteurs et de traducteurs, dont la Société des Gens de Lettres, à travers 34 pays européens, et plus de 100 000 membres. www.europeanwriters.eu


La SGDL est une association reconnue d’utilité publique, créée en 1838 par des écrivains célèbres dont Balzac, Hugo et Dumas. Sa mission principale est la défense du droit d’auteur, droit moral et patrimonial et du statut des auteurs de l’écrit (romanciers, poètes, nouvellistes, traducteurs…).


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Public Lending Right Proceedings

2008 Bucharest
The 5th European Public Lending Right Conference Proceedings 2008 - Bucharest 19-21 September 2008

-European Commission Report on the European Directive on Lending Right
by Conal Clynch, DG Internal Market and Services, Copyright and Knowledge-based Economy Unit
-18 EU country reports

2007 Budapest (PDF)
Public Lending Right Conference. Budapest 20-22 April 2007. Conference Reports. June 2007.

-European Commission Report: Report on the European Directive on Lending Right,
by Danièle Muffat-Jeandet, Internal Market and Services DG, Copyright and knowledge base economy Unit.
-15 EU country reports.



Forum MARE NOSTRUM IV Conference Proceedings. Trieste 2007.

Trieste, its Macro-region and Europe:
a Multicultural Tradition and a Contribution to an Intercultural European Future

Download (English and Italian edition) (PDF)

Proceedings of the Forum MARE NOSTRUM IV. Trieste, 26-27 October 2007.
28 October 2007, XXI Congress, EWC and EWC-FAEE a.i.s.b.l., ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY